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Alf Krohg Holt

Euan Uglo

Allan Milner

Adler Bassoons

Amati Brass  

Amati Baritone Sax

Amati Bassoons

Andelli Art

Alto Clarinets

Alto Clarinet Reeds

Alto Flutes

Alto Saxophones

Alto Sax Rental Bristol

Alto Trombones

Arbiter Jazz Saxes

Azumi Flutes

B&S Challenger Piccolo

B & S Eb Trumpets

Bach Prelude Trumpet

Bach Aristocrat Trumpet

Bach 200 Trumpet

Bach 300 & 200 Trumpets

Bach Stradivarius Trumpets 

Bach 18037 Trumpet

Bach LR18043 Trumpet

Bach 18037 Trumpet

Bach LR18043 Trumpet

Bach Strad Cornets

Bach Flugel Horns 

Bach Trombones 

Bach 42Trombone

Baritone Horns

Baritone Saxophones


Bass Clarinets

Bass Clarinet Reeds

Bass Flutes

Bass Saxophones

Bass Saxes

Bass Trombones 

Bass Trumpets

Bassett Horns

Bb Trumpets

C Trumpets

BBb & EEb Basses

Benge 3X Trumpet

Benge Trumpets

Besson Trumpets

Besson 1052 Tenor Horn

Besson 2050 Prestige Tenor Horn

Besson Sovereign Tenor Horn

Besson 1057 Baritone Horn

Besson Sovereign Baritone Horn

Besson Prestige Baritone Horn

Besson International Cornets

Besson Sovereign Cornets 

Besson Prestige Cornets

Besson French Horns

Besson Tenor Horns 

Besson Baritone Horns 

Besson Euphoniums 

Besson 2052 Prestige Euphonium

Besson 2051 Prestige Euphonium

Besson Trombones 

Besson Tubas  

B&S Challenger Piccolo Trumpet

Buffet Clarinets

Buffet 1193 Prestige Bass Clarinet

Pair Boosey & Hawkes 1010 Clarinets

Buffet B12 Clarinet

Buffet B12 Clarinet

Buffet E11 Clarinet 

Buffet E13 Clarinet

Buffet E13 Clarinet

Buffet R13 Clarinet

Buffet R13 Clarinet

Buffet RC Clarinet

Buffet Prodige Clarinet

Buffet R13 Prestige

Buffet R13 Prestige Clarinet

Buffet Tradition Clarinet

Buffet RC Prestige

Buffet Tosca Clarinet

Buffet Oboes

Buffet Saxophones

Buffet Alto Saxophones

Buffet Tenor Saxophones


CarolBrass Trumpets

CarolBrass Pocket Trumpets

CarolBrass Piccolo Trumpets

CarolBrass Cornets

CarolBrass Flugel Horns

CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-Bb-SLB Pocket Trumpet

Clarinet Rental Bristol

C Trumpets

C Melody Saxophones

Conn 52B Connstellation 

Conn Double Belled Euphonium

Conn Vintage One Trumpets

Conn Flugel Horns 

Conn French Horns  

Conn Trombones

Conn 88HO Trombone

Conn 88HKO Trombone

Conn 112H Bass Trombone

Conn 112H Bass Trombone

Conn 62HI Bass Trombone

Conn 62HI Bass Trombone

Conn 62HCL Bass Trombone

Contrabass Clarinets


Courtois Trumpets

Courtois Conservatoire Flugel

Curved Head Flutes

Dave Guardala Studio

Denis Wick Mutes

Denis Wick Straight Mutes

Denis WickWooden Straight Mutes

Denis Wick Cup Mutes

Denis Wick ET Mutes

Denis Wick Practice Mutes

Double Bassoons

Double Belled Euphonium






















Earlham Sopranino Sax

Eb Clarinets

Echo Cornet

Elkhart Alto Sax

Elkhart 100AS Alto Sax

Elkhart Flugel Horn

Euan Uglow



Flute Rental Bristol

Flugle Horn

Flugle Horns



French Horns

F Besson Trumpets

Gemeinhardt Flutes

Getzen Trumpets

Getzen Trumpets 

Getzen Eterna Flugelhorn

Herald Trumpets

Holton Charisma Trumpets 

Holton 378 French Horn

Holton French Horns

Holton Trombone 

Holton Tubas

Howarth Oboes

Howarth S20 Oboe

Hoyer French Horns

Jupiter Clarinets

Jupiter 750S Clarinet

Jupiter Bass Clarinet

Jupiter 675N Bass Clarinet

Jupiter Flugel Horns

Jupiter 846RL Flugel Horn

Jupiter 846RL Flugel Horn

Jupiter Flutes

Jupiter 511 Flute

Jupiter Flutes

Jupiter Saxes

Jupiter Trombones

Jupiter Tribune Trumpets

Jupiter Trumpets

Jupiter XO1600IL Roger Ingram Trumpet

Jupiter Brass

Jupiter Valve Trombone

Kanstul Trumpets

Kanstul 900 Trumpet

Keilwerth Soprano Saxes  

Keilwerth ST90 Soprano Sax

Keilwerth SX90 Soprano Sax

Keilwerth Alto Saxes   

Keilwerth ST90 Alto Sax

Keilwerth EX90 Alto Sax

Keilwerth EX90 Black nickel body

Keilwerth SX90 Alto Sax

Keilwerth Shadow Alto Sax

Keilwerth Tenor Saxes   

Keilwerth ST90 Tenor Sax

Keilwerth EX90 Tenor Sax

Keilwerth SX90 Tenor Sax

Keilwerth Shadow Tenor Sax

Keilwerth Baritone Saxes 

Keilwerth SX90 Baritone Sax 

Keilwerth SX90R Baritone Sax

Keilwerth SX90 Bass Sax

Kelly Trumpet Mouthpieces

Kelly Cornet Mouthpieces

Kelly Trombone Mouthpieces

King Silver Flair Trumpets

King Cornets

King 2B Trombone

King 3B Trombone

King 3B Valve Trombone

King 2166 3B Valve Trombone

King 2102PLG Trombone

King 2102S Trombone

King Sousaphones 

King 2103S 3B Trombone

King 2103S Trombone

Leblanc Clarinets 

Leblanc Sonata Clarinet 

Leblanc Esprit Clarinet

Leblanc Concerto Clarinet 

Leblanc Arturo Sandoval Flugel   

Levante Slide Trumpet

Mail order price B12

Mauriat Soprano Saxes 

Mauriat Alto Saxes

Mauriat Tenor Saxes          

Martin Committee Trumpet

Martin Committee Trumpet

Martin Committee Trumpet 

Marching Band Instruments

Miyazawa Flutes 

Miyazawa 202RE Flute  

Miyazawa PB202E 

Muramatsu Flutes

Muramatsu EX Flutes

Muramatsu GX Flutes

Musical Instrument Insurance

Music Shop Bristol

Neopost Franking Machines

Neil Dallas Brown Artist

Pearl Flutes

Pearl 665E Flute     

Pearl 206S Alto Flute       

Olds Trumpets 

Olds Cornets

Philipp Hammig Piccolo


Piccolo Trumpets

Piccolo Trumpet Mutes

Pocket Trumpets

Pocket Trumpets


Ronald Ossory Dunlop   

Rotary Valve Trumpets

Roy Benson Trumpets

Roy Seaman Piccolo   


Sax Rental Bristol       

Scherzer Piccolo Trumpet

Schreiber 6025 Clarinet

Schilke Trumpets

Schilke P5 Piccolo Trumpet

Schilke Soprano Cornets

Schilke Soprano Beryllium

Schreiber Bassoons

Schreiber Contrabassoons

Second Hand Brass Instruments

Second Hand Woodwind

Second Hand Saxophones

Second Hand Soprano Saxophones

Second Hand Alto Saxophones

Second Hand Oboes

Second Hand Tenor Saxophones

Selmer Clarinets

Selmer Odysse 

Selmer ARTYS CLarinet

Selmer Prelude Piccolo

Selmer Signature 

Selmer Recital 

Selmer St Louis 

Selmer Soprano Saxophones

Selmer Super 80 Series lI Soprano

Selmer S80 Series III Soprano

Selmer Alto Saxes  

Selmer Prelude Alto Sax

Selmer Prelude Clarinet

Selmer S80 Series II Alto Sax

Selmer S80 Series III Alto Sax

Selmer Soprano Saxophones

Selmer SeleS Axos Alto Saxophone

Selmer Reference 54 Alto Sax

Selmer Tenor Saxophones 

Selmer S80 Series II Tenor Sax

Selmer S80 Series III Tenor Sax

Selmer Reference 36 Tenor Sax

Selmer Reference 54 Tenor Sax

Selmer Baritone Saxes 

Selmer Concept TT Trumpet

Selmer Trumpets

Selmer Trumpets

Selmer Super Tenor Sax C1932

Selmer balanced action alto sax

Selmer balanced action alto sax

Simon Palmer Paintings

Slide Trumpets

Soprano Cornets

Soprano Saxophones

Sopranino Saxophones


Stagg Herald Trumpet

Stagg Fanfare Trumpet

Stomvi Trumpets  

Stomvi Forte Trumpet

Stomvi Elite Trumpets

Stomvi Master Trumpets

Stomvi Mambo & Mahler

Stomvi Flugelhorns

Stomvi Piccolo Trumpet

Schilke Trumpets

Sovereign Tenor Horn

Taylor Chicago Trumpets

Taylor Phat Boy Flugel Horn

Tenor Horns

Tenor Saxes

Tenor Sax Rental Bristol


Trumpet Rental Bristol

Trumpets in C


Trombone Rental Bristol

Tromba Plastic Trumpet

Trevor James Vivace

Trevor James 10X Flute

Trevor James Privilege Flute

Trevor James Vivace Piccolo

Baritone Sax


Uebel Clarinets

Valve Trombones

Vincent Bach Trumpets

Vincent Bach Trombones

Vintage Saxophones

C MelodySaxophones

Vintage Soprano Saxophones

Vintage Alto Saxophones

Vintage Tenor Saxophones

Vintage C Melody Saxophone

Vintage C Melody Saxophone

Vintage Trumpets

Vintage Cornets

Vintage Trombones

Weril Brass 

Yamaha Piccolos 

Yamaha 32 Piccolo

Yamaha 62 Piccolo

Yamaha 62M

Yamaha 81 Piccolo

Yamaha 82 Piccolo

Yamaha Flutes

Yamaha 211 Flute

Yamaha 261 Flute

Yamaha 212 Flute

Yamaha 271 Flute

Yamaha 311 Flute

Yamaha 312 Flute

Yamaha 312 Flute

Yamaha 411 Flute

Yamaha Oboes

Yamaha 431B Oboe

Yamaha Alto Flute

Yamaha Clarinets 

Yamaha 250 Clarinet  

Yamaha 255S Clarinet

Yamaha 255S Clarinet

Yamaha 450 Clarinet

Yamaha 450M Clarinet

Yamaha 650 Clarinet

Yamaha 650 Clarinet

Yamaha CSVR Clarinet

Yamaha CSGIII Clarinet

Yamaha Oboes

Yamaha Soprano Saxes

Yamaha 475 Soprano Sax     

Yamaha 475 Soprano Sax     

Yamaha 675 Soprano Sax       

Yamaha 875 Soprano Sax    

Yamaha 875 EX Soprano Sax 

Yamaha Alto Saxes 

Yamaha Tenor Saxophones

Yamaha BaritoneSaxophones

Yamaha Saxophones

Yamaha 280 Alto Sax

Yamaha 475 Alto Sax

Yamaha 62 Alto Sax

Yamaha 62S Alto Sax

Yamaha 82Z Alto Sax

Yamaha 82ZB Black Alto

Yamaha 82ZS Alto Sax

Yamaha 875EX Alto Sax

Yamaha 875EXB Alto Sax

Yamaha Tenor Saxes  

Yamaha 275 Tenor Sax

Yamaha 280 Tenor Sax

Yamaha 475 Tenor Sax

Yamaha 62 Tenor Sax

Yamaha 62S Tenor Sax

Yamaha 82Z Tenor Sax

Yamaha 82ZB Tenor Sax

Yamaha 82ZS Tenor Sax

Yamaha 875B Tenor Sax

Yamaha 875EX Tenor Sax

Yamaha Baritone Saxes 

Yamaha 32 Baritone Sax

Yamaha 62 Baritone Sax

Yamaha Bassoons

York Brass Band Instruments

York Preference Cornet

Leroy Cornopean

JH Ebblewhite Cornopean

19 Century Cornopean

Brass Cornopean with 3 crooks

System 54 alto sax vintage gold

System 54 tenor sax vintage gold

System 54 alto sax pure brass

System 54 tenor sax pure brass


Trevor Jones Brass and Woodwind

Trevor Jones Trumpets

Yamaha Tenor Horns

Yamaha Trumpets  

Yamaha 1335 Trumpet

Yamaha 1335S Trumpet

Yamaha 2330 Trumpet

Yamaha 2335 Trumpet

Yamaha 2335S Trumpet

Yamaha 3335 Trumpet

Yamaha 3335S Trumpet

Yamaha 4335G Trumpet

Yamaha 4335GS Trumpet

Yamaha 5335G Trumpet

Yamaha 5335GS Trumpet

Yamaha 6345G Trumpet

Yamaha 6345GS Trumpet

Yamaha 6335 Trumpet

Yamaha 6335S Trumpet

Yamaha 6310Z Trumpet

Yamaha 6310ZS Trumpet

Yamaha 8310Z Trumpet

Yamaha 8310ZS Trumpet

Yamaha 8310Z Flugel Horn

Yamaha 8310ZS Flugel Horn

Yamaha 631G Flugel Horn

Yamaha 6810S Piccolo Trumpet

Yamaha 9825 Piccolo Trumpet

Yamaha Xeno Trumpets

8335 8335G 8335S 8335GS

8345 8345G 8345S 8345GS

Yamaha 8445G Xeno Trumpet in C

9335CHS Chicago Trumpet

9335NYS New York Trumpet

9445CHS Chicago Trumpet

9445NYS New York Trumpet

8445 8445S 8445G 8445GS

Yamaha Neo Tenor Horn

830 9820C 9710 Piccolos

Yamaha Cornets 

Yamaha 2330 2330S Cornets

Yamaha 4330G 4330GS Cornets

Yamaha Maestro Cornets

Yamaha Neo Cornets

Yamaha Xeno Cornets 8335 8335S 8335G 8335GS

2610 8620 Soprano Cornets

Yamaha Flugel Horns

Yamaha 631G Flugel Horn

Yamaha 6310Z Flugel Horn

Yamaha 567 French Horn

Yamaha French Horns

667 French Horn

668 French Horn

Yamaha 668D French Horn

Yamaha 668N French Horn

Yamaha 668ND French Horn

Yamaha 671 French Horn

Yamaha 671D French Horn

Yamaha Tenor Horns 

Yamaha 203 602 Tenor Horns 

Yamaha Baritone Horns 

Yamaha Euphoniums 

Yamaha 201 Euphonium 

Yamaha 642 Euphonium

Yamaha 842S Euphonium

Yamaha Trombones 

Yamaha 354 Trombone

Yamaha 620 Trombone

Yamaha 630 Trombone

Yamaha 891Z Trombone

Yamaha Tubas 

Yamaha Sousaphones 

Yanagisawa Soprano Saxes

Yanagisawa 901 Soprano Sax

Yanagisawa 901 Curved Sop

Yanagisawa 981 Soprano Sax

Yanagisawa 991 Soprano Sax

Yanagisawa 902 Soprano Sax

Yanagisawa 992 Soprano Sax

Yanagisawa 9930 Soprano Sax

Yanagisawa Alto Saxes 

Yanagisawa 901 Alto Sax  

Yanagisawa 991 Alto Sax

Yanagisawa 902 Alto Sax    

Yanagisawa 991B Alto Sax

Yanagisawa 992 Alto Sax

Yanagisawa 9930 Alto Sax

Yanagisawa 9937 Alto Sax

Yanagisawa AW010 Alto Sax

Yanagisawa Tenor Saxes   

Yanagisawa 901 Tenor Sax

Yanagisawa 902 Tenor Sax

Yanagisawa 991 Tenor Sax

Yanagisawa 992 Tenor Sax

Yanagisawa 991B Tenor Sax

Yanagisawa 9930TenorSax

Yanagisawa 9933TenorSax

Yanagisawa 9937 Tenor Sax

Yanagisawa Baritone

Yanagisawa 901 Baritone Sax

Yanagisawa 991 Baritone Sax

Yanagisawa 992 Baritone Sax

Yanagisawa 9930 Baritone Sax 

Yanagisawa 981 Sopranino Sax

Yanagisawa SWO1 Soprano Saxophone

Yanagisawa SWO2 Soprano Sax

Yanagisawa SWO10 Soprano Sax

Yanagisawa SWO20 Soprano Sax

Yanagisawa SWO3 Soprano Sax

Yanagisawa SWO37 Soprano Sax